aeoon’s 360° solution for your DTG production

Compact DTG Printer

The Compact Series is ideal for experienced textile printers with versatile printing tasks and the goal of expanding their DTG range.

Kyo DTG Printer

The Kyo Series was developed for customers with high workloads, large and varied orders.

Kyo Link DTG Printer

The Kyo Link Series is for companies that aim to work with the most technologically advanced DTG printers on the market.

Hybrid DTG Printer

The Hybrid Series is the ideal printer for companies with a high production level and the need for high production flexibility.

Micro DTG Printer

The Micro is the perfect DTG printer for newcomers to the industrial digital textile printing market.

aeoon PTB

The PTB Series is an excellent addition to your machine park for an efficient and economical workflow.

DTG Automation Workflow

With an automated production workflow, you increase performance, maintain an overview and reduce production costs.


We offer pallets in standard sizes as well as customised sizes for a variety of specific printing requirements.

aeoon Heat Press

For cost-oriented companies, our pneumatic heat press offers an economically profitable alternative.


Folding machines are the perfect solution for time- and cost-saving folding and packaging of all sorts of garments.


Correct drying is an important factor in the production of high-quality digital prints.

Water-based Inks

aeoon Technologies is dedicated to protecting and conserving our natural environment and therefore uses 100% water-based ink.