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Presentations, trainings, machine tests, sample prints, etc.

Since 2020, the Innovation Center at the aeoon Headquarters in Kramsach offers a unique insight into the world of industrial digital textile printing on 700sqm. However, this place is much more than just a showroom: It is here where a team of experienced printing experts tests aeoon’s machines to further optimise workflow, print quality, production capacity and sustainability. In addition, specific customer requests are made possible, customers are supported with special printing challenges, samples are produced and inks, as well as textiles, are tested in the in-house laboratory.

Many customers also take advantage of the great opportunity of a personal livestream directly from the Innovation Center. Of course, we would also be happy to welcome you personally to examine our machines live. Our team looks forward to your visit and will be happy to guide you through the Innovation Center.

Apart from presentations for customers and partners, the Innovation Center is also where our own employees are trained and kept up-to-date on the latest developments. In-house training ensures that our print trainers and technicians can continually enhance their skills and know-how to provide you with the outstanding and personalised customer service we pride ourselves on. As the heart of the aeoon Headquarters, the Innovation Center connects all departments with each other, enabling fast and smooth communication.

Our upmost goal is to provide all our customers with high quality, personalised, direct and fast service to help them build their print businesses. The Innovation Center is an important center of these efforts and gives us the opportunity to continuously optimise the workflow with our printers, as well as to further improve print quality, productivity and customer experience.

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