The aeoon family

The satisfaction of our customers is our most important goal

aeoon Technologies was founded in the hometown of Angelo Schiestl, Schwaz in Tirol – CEO and founder. His philosophy to treat all employees, distributors, clients and partners like family has created strong, successful and life-long partnerships. It is of utmost importance to aeoon technologies to be known for building the best DTG equipment in the world, offer second to none service and support and build strong and long-lasting rapport with our new and current family members.

Manufacturing in Austria

Austria is known for developing some of the most intricate, high quality products in the world, assembled by people who have a tremendous pride in their work. These are the main reasons why aeoon Technologies emphasizes on sourcing local and regional suppliers, whenever possible. Furthermore, the local partnerships also mean a lower environmental impact, more efficient logistics and higher flexibility. Our customers appreciate the fact they know when they buy from aeoon, their equipment will perform – every day. Owning the entire process from design to manufacturing all in our corporate facility in Kramsach – Austria, makes us different. aeoon Technologies benefits from the unique case that the same people who design the products, obtain immediate feedback on all componentry, to build the most robust DTG printers in the world. The accelerated alpha and beta testing take place next to the innovation center & research and development center, which means that every component is tested various times, to ensure the products will hold up to the demands of our clients.

“It is very important never to stop looking for new solutions and products that will give our customers a successful daily business.

I have made it my business to accept this challenge. One of my most interesting tasks is to implement ideas for new features and products that are inspired by customers.”

Angelo Schiestl, CEO aeoon Technologies

One reason why we produce in Austria is the beauty of our landscape

Our tip: Combine your visit to our facility with a longer stay, to get to know our beautiful home country better.

SUMMER ACTIVITIES: hiking, climbing, cycling, swimming, enjoying and more …

WINTER ACTIVITIES: skiing, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, cosiness and more …

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