Ready „2“ Print

Are you interested in a DTG printing system, but want to spend as little time as possible on pretreatment? Then R2P shirts might be the ideal solution for your business. R2P stands for “ready-to-print” and refers to textiles that are already pretreated all over. They can be printed directly without having to pass through a pretreatment station first. These garments can, of course, only be used on printing machines that print “wet-on-dry” – with an external pretreatment system. aeoon printers work exclusively with this process, so you can use R2P textiles on all machines.

Are you ready-to-print?


  • Perfectly pretreated garments
  • Efficiency and production increase
  • Optimum utilisation of printing capacities
  • Cost savings
  • Standardised pretreatment
  • Simple and effective