aeoon Folding Machine Program

The best folding solution for the textile printing industry

Folding machines are the perfect solution for time- and cost-saving folding and stacking of all types of garments. No matter which textile material – cotton, blended fabric, polyester etc. or which type of garment – jersey, sweater, shirt, t-shirt, polo shirt, hooded sweater, undershirt, underpants, jeans, top, undershirt, trousers, ladies dress, short sleeves or long sleeves – our folding machines do the job cleanly and reliably.


Reliable and durable

You have to fold a maximum of 500 T-shirts per hour, then our smallest folding machine is the right solution for you.


  • Easy to use
  • 10 different folding programs
  • Pneumatic stacker
  • 500 pieces per hour
  • Additional folding programs optional


A unique choice for companies

You need a folding machine that won’t slow down your DTG production? We recommend T-Fold, which easily folds 500 pieces per hour.


  • Easy to use
  • Integrated packaging
  • 500 pieces per hour
  • Long and short sleeve shirts and sweatshirts
  • Sizes from S to XXXL


Powerful and versatile

The best folding solution on the market with almost unlimited folding programs. Stack and pack the products automatically and quickly.


  • Best folding accuracy
  • 60 different folding programs
  • Size detection for stacking
  • Quick program change
  • 1000 pieces per hour