My Locker

The best scalable solution for POD fulfillment

“Our company has more than 30 aeoons running 2 shifts/7 days a week. We have tested every commercial DTG machine and aeoon is by far the most scalable solution for POD fulfilment. Their high-definition prints, cost per/print, and up-time reliability are the best in the market. aeoon technologies blows the competition clean out of water.”

Robert Hakes statement is clear. As the CEO and founder of “My Locker” Detroit in the U.S., he creates online stores for schools, teams, and leagues. So, practically anyone looking to offer customized products without the inventory is a potential client of him. His company offers a lot of different products: t-shirts, sweatshirts, Triblends – all in different weights, different colors and many different combinations of fabrics.

To be able to guarantee the best quality for customers, a company needs the best machines on the market. But apart from this, they should be also easy to operate and able to produce the best quality possible.

Joshua Machin, the Head of DTG Tech, points out his responsibility: “It’s up to me to make sure that production runs smoothly every single day.aeoon has been a great solution for us.” Since switching over to aeoon printing quality has gotten a lot better. The brightness of the image and the hand feel of the garment are in its best form. This quality manifests itself also in less customers complaining about bad prints. He adds to it: “When we do have to work on them, it’s very simple. Everything is very easily accessible on the entire machine.”

After their change to aeoon technologies DTG printers – My Locker started work with 20 Kyo printers, Mr Machin concludes “as the business continued to grow, aeoon’s print quality enabled usto win orders that we would never have received without it. Another really cool thing abaout the aeoon machines, is that they are very versatile. We are getting double the amount of prints per operator, per machine than we had before.”

Robert Hake continues by pointing out: “aeoon produces the highest quality at the most competitive cost. We have a very intuitive user interface that lets customers go and create exactly what they want. They can personalize, they can have their own text, names, numbers to their design and make it theirs. The software we have picks up that consumer generated design and it injects it into our aeoon machine for a very quick delivery.”

Last but not least he adds during the interview: “The support team is readily available to us. We have doubled the production at half of the price. We prefer to have our printer doing exactly what it should do: print. Not spending time pretreating.”

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Your advantages with aeoon

  • High quality DTG industrial equipment
  • Customized solutions
  • Water based inks
  • Workflow automation available
  • Online – Support 24/7/365
  • Modular system configurations – we grow together
  • Printing on complex fabrics up to polyester
  • Huge selection of pallets
  • Low maintenance
  • Low energy consumption