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Located in Kalochori, Greece, KXScreens started off engraving flat screens for textile printing. After that, we started engraving rotary screens for all-over printing in textiles and since 2016, we are printing digitally on black and white garments with an aeoon Compact printer.

Mostly, we print on cotton, linen, viscose, modal, papers for decoupage, wood and white polyester. We decided to purchase an aeoon printer after thorough investigation and consideration of all our options and were expecting a lot, when we finally decided for a model. And we can really say that our expectations have not been let down. We are very pleased with the flexibility, reliability and overall quality of the printer.

Additionally, the print quality is excellent and the maintenance is very easy to do. However, it is not only the machine itself that we are pleased with – with aeoon, we have found ourselves in experienced and dedicated hands from the start. We are very happy with the friendly and efficient support we have been receiving throughout the years. All of those factors have lead up to a point where we are planning on purchasing yet another – bigger – aeoon printer soon.

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Your advantages with aeoon

  • High quality DTG industrial equipment
  • Customized solutions
  • Water based inks
  • Workflow automation available
  • Online – Support 24/7/365
  • Modular system configuration
  • Printing on complex fabrics up to polyester
  • Huge selection of pallets
  • Low maintenance
  • Low energy consumption