BORG Zillertal Project “BagToFuture”

aeoon Sponsorship

Doing something for the environment whilst learning something about business structures? That’s exactly what the economy group of class 7A of the BORG Zillertal (school in Tyrol) did with their project “BagToFuture”. “BagToFuture” is a real Junior-Company, which was founded by the students for the length of one school year. – As a company which puts a high value on sustainability and the environmentally conscious shaping of our future, aeoon Technologies was of course glad to support this project!

The students’ Junior-Company distributes self-designed cotton bags in order to avoid plastic waste. In order for these bags to look as good as they are for the environment, aeoon Technologies was happy to print the bags for the students.

You are able to buy the bags directly at the Bundesschulzentrum Zillertal in class 7G. But you can also reach the students via E-Mail with to purchase a bag.