10 Great Years

A virtual journey through the Past, Present and Future of aeoon technologies

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary from the 12th to the 16th of July 2021. Many people have been a big part of our success and we would not be where we are right now without them. We hoped to share this occasion with all partners, friends, and family personally, but unfortunately, we cannot due to the current external environmental issues.

The idea was born to organize a virtual celebration. So everyone has the opportunity to participate in our journey through the past, present and future with important milestones or stories that have helped us to become leaders of the digital printers (DTG). Let’s celebrate together virtually!

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Over the past 10 years, a­­eoon has become known as a manufacturer of the fastest and best industrial digital printers in the world. Our combined success proves that together we have taken the right path and will continue for many years to come. We have a never ending passion for technology, and an unmatched desire to provide the best products for you – our customers. To ensure our products provide everything they were designed to do – we have assembled a first class support team who lives and loves our home country, because we can proudly say „Made in Austria“.

What we will present you

Many impressions from our journey as small movies
Please note: The videos will go online on the specific day. So, be patient!

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Monday, 12.07.2021

welcome to 10 great years

OUR Story is YOUR Story! Let´s start our 10 years anniversary with a walkthrough tour of aeoon. We give you an overview of the coming week and what you shouldn´t miss. Let´s cheers together and feel free to join us every day to find new surprises…

aeoon family history

Have a look behind the curtain and see how aeoon Technologies has developed over the years. We talk about the first steps that started with an idea and led into a leading DTG printing manufacturer. You will hear what it´s like to work for aeoon, about our achievements and much more…

ANA introduction

Rich Thompson, Managing Director aeoon USA, introduces our location in the land of endless opportunities and forerunner in the area of POD.

sustaining our future

In this video we discuss one of the most current and important topics – sustaining our future. We will present for the first time why aeoon Technologies produces the greenest industrial DTG printers in the world…

Tuesday, 13.07.2021

welcome to our new Innovation Center

Presentations, training and sample creation all from one source!
With the Innovation Center’s opening in 2020, aeoon technologies launched a long-term strategy that will provide unparalleled service and support within the DTG industry.

why aeoon?

Direct Print IQ – One of our distributors takes you on a customer experience journey. Take a look and see how aeoon can positively impact your business in all areas. Print on demand is the future with the right DTG machines.

aeoon digital institute

Let´s get digital! The world is changing and with it is business and our personal life. How does aeoon adapt and use the new developments? How does it help our clients, employees and partners? Interested – well then have a look…

meet our loyal supplier

We pass the word to our suppliers, who have been a substantial part of our success. Our carefully selected partners not only share the same values and ideas, but also convince with their superb quality of products, which helps us building the most durable and reliable DTG printers in the world…

Wednesday, 14.07.2021

Wizard – a success story of one of our first customers

See how the use of aeoon digital printers and machines has transformed the company with this incredible show case. It is really exiting.

get in touch with our passionated distributors

The drive for successful cooperation is not only a good product. All the people who have contributed to this success story are part of the aeoon family.

the incredible flatbed series for universal printing

The Flatbed Series was developed for inline printers who want to print on a wide variety of flat media such as leather, wood, plastic, glass, or metal.

Thursday, 15.07.2021

Direct to Foil
with the Kyo Series

We are also constantly evolving. With the Kyo series, it is now also possible to print on foil without much effort. Check it out!

Link – the flagship of our Kyo Series

The printer for companies with high production volumes and automation needs. Get to know all the possibilities of our most advanced printer. Think big and further, because the future is now!

the simple solution for more productivity – Ready2Print

As the DTG market continues to evolve, substrates / T-shirts continue to change as well. More and more pretreated garments are entering the market, enabling significant productivity gains. Print-Dry-Do means greater efficiency and more sustainable business.

the Hybrid – the world’s first solution

The Kyo Hybrid series is the first true combination of a screen printing and digital printing machine, combining the advantages of both technologies. It is the ideal printer for companies with a high production level, as well as high demand for production flexibility.

Friday, 16.07.2021

Print on Demand is the future – Think about automation!

Maintain overview, increase performance –and reduce costs
Our DTG machines make the integration into popular e-commerce providers like Shopify™, Shopware™ along with social media marketplaces like Instagram™, Facebook™ easier than ever before. They make the shop floor processes and production process efficient and fast.

technical head of support – portrait

Our technical head of support – Michael Wallnöfer, will present himself, his job and how he and his team manage to keep our customer up and running…

Speed Print – one of the fastest digital printer (DTG)

We develop one of the fastest, most environmentally friendly and durable digital textile printers. Take a look at how fast they work without losing quality.

aeoon PTB Line up – offline is an advantage

We offer a fully automatic PTB unit (1x3m spraying area) with connection to a workflow automation. The package includes the PTB+dryer+fusing machine. Enormous output with only one operator is guaranteed.

We have experienced ups and downs, good and bad times, success and challenges, but most importantly we have grown and become a stronger company.

We would not be where we are today without you, and we value all of our aeoon family members who have helped us become the market leader providing the best DTG solutions from our headquarters in Austria.

Therefore, despite all the circumstances, we would like to celebrate this event with all of you virtually.

OUR Story is YOUR Story …and our common future is NOW!

„It’s very important to never stop searching and developing for new solutions and products that will give our customers a successful day-to-day business.“

Samples that show you what our DTG printers can do

Book your livestream presentation now!

Get to know our machine portfolio via livestream. Experience how your own designs are printed and convince yourself of the print quality of our DTG printers. Your printed samples will be sent to you immediately by parcel.

I want to stay tuned and being part of the aeoon Future!

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